Les administrateurs de sociétés doivent-ils « twitter » ?

Voici un article très intéressant sur le « twittage » (gazouillage) publié sur le blogue de Ann-Maree Moodie, Managing Director de The Boardroom Consulting Group. La question se pose de plus en plus et l’article montre que les administrateurs de sociétés sont sur leurs gardes à ce stade-ci, et avec raison !  Il faut apprendre à apprivoiser le média et on commence à voir plusieurs hauts dirigeants et administrateurs se lancer dans l’aventure.  Mais pas n’importe comment ! Pourquoi ? Lisez l’article pour vous former une opinion.

Boards and Governance

« He’s 63, well-educated, a former accountant-turned-bureaucrat, who has a portfolio of company, government and not-for-profit boards. We’re not meeting in a public place because the topics we’re discussing are sensitive. As a chairman, he’s seeking independent counsel; it’s understood the conversation is confidential. As we conclude our business, we joke about what would happen if we tweeted about the meeting. It’s immediately apparent that there is nothing that we could say even if we were remotely serious.

English: Jack Dorsey and Barack Obama at Twitt...
English: Jack Dorsey and Barack Obama at Twitter Town Hall in July 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I’ve always thought of Twitter as a waste of time,” he says. “Now I realise that even if I simply tweeted, ‘having a coffee with Ann-Maree Moodie’, there would be a number of people who may surmise the reason for the meeting. So even for company directors just tweeting that you’re meeting with someone could be market-sensitive or could become material. It’s a game-changer.”

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