Êtes-vous prêts à siéger sur le C.A. de Yahoo ?

Voici un article sur les obstacles au recrutement de membres de conseils d’administration, particulièrement dans les cas où les sociétés éprouvent des problèmes financiers et ont un avenir incertain. L’article présente le cas de Yahoo mais les constats s’appliquent aussi à une multitude de sociétés en difficulté : PME, OBNL, Start-Up, etc.
Si vous cherchez à joindre un C.A. et que vous aimez l’action, regardez du côté des entreprises qui ont des problèmes. Vous constaterez que plusieurs administrateurs sont prêts à vous céder leur place…

« The search continues at Yahoo! for new directors. Who will they be? The battered media company is preparing to add some fresh blood to its board as the company’s new CEO Scott Thompson, who was lured away from PayPal, seeks to turn around the firm’s poor financial performance and strengthen its weak governance practices…. But Yahoo! is just one example of a board undergoing massive overhaul. The quality of directors is currently a major concern for shareholders, and successful candidates will have to have more than a sterling résumé with ironclad references. According to industry observers, shareholders are more alert to the issues and are carefully scrutinizing those who serve on audit committees, compensation committees, and so on. Meanwhile, the level of insider knowledge, experience and education of a board director is becoming increasingly relevant…. The bottom line is this: finding the right candidate for a company’s board is now tougher than ever. With concerns around executive compensation, board oversight and risk management becoming top priorities on the boardroom agenda, a well-qualified set of directors is essential for corporate success ».

Qu’en pensez-vous ?