Enquête de Aon sur la gestion globale des risques en 2013

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English: Tactical Risk Management model, comparing and valuing 10 different risk or opportunity propositions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vous pouvez consulter les résultats de l’enquête menée par Aon sur la gestion globale des risques en 2013 : Global Risk Management Survey 2013.

The ability to anticipate opportunities and effectively respond to threats is critical for organizations to grapple with new challenges. Fact-based insights are the best way to ensure optimal decision making. Aon’s 2013 Global Risk Management Survey report is part of this process, capturing the latest risk trends and priorities facing companies around the world. The report unveiled the top 10 risks now and three years in the future. Conducted in Q4 2012, the web-based survey gathered input from 1,415 respondents — a 47 percent increase in respondents from the 2011 survey — from 70 countries in all regions of the world and was conducted in 10 languages.

Global Risk Management Survey 2013

Here are the top 10 risks ranked in the report:

Risk Description Risk Rank – 2013 Risk Rank  – Projected 2016
Economic slowdown/slow recovery 1 1
Regulatory/legislative changes 2 2
Increasing competition 3 3
Damage to reputation/brand 4 8
Failure to attract or retain top talent 5 5
Failure to innovate/meet customer needs 6 4
Business interruption 7 11
Commodity price risk 8 7
Cash flow/liquidity risk 9 10
Political risk/uncertainties 10 6

In addition to identifying the top risk concerns facing companies today, the survey findings also cover the following topics:

How companies identify and assess risk

Approach to risk management and board involvement

Risk management functionsInsurance markets

Risk financing

Global programs


The survey is still open for participation and risk decision makers are invited to participate in the survey and will receive a complimentary customized report based on their industry, geography and revenue size. To take the survey, visit aon.com/grms2013.

Note: When the survey page loads, please select « First Time Users Click Here » to start the survey.

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