Les aspects éthiques de la gouvernance d’entreprise | Un rapport qui prend en compte la réalité européenne

Vous trouverez, ci-dessous, en primeur, un rapport exceptionnel rédigé par Julia Casson pour le compte de IBE (Institute of Business Ethics) et de EcoDa (European Confederation of Director’s Associations) qui porte sur l’éthique et la gouvernance européenne et qui sera présenté à Londres le 2 juillet. À cette occasion l’auteure présentera les grandes lignes du rapport ci-joint et discutera des questions suivantes :

  1. Why ethics has been left out of the debate around CG in the last ten years ?
  2. Is Corporate Governance guidance working/adequate ?
  3. What should be done about it ?
  4. What are boards doing in practice ?
  5. What is the role of Directors in promoting an ethical dynamics in the companies ?

Je vous invite à prendre connaissance de ce document afin de mieux appréhender les préoccupations des conseils d’administration en matière de gouvernance.

Un document vraiment précieux pour étudier toutes les facettes de l’éthique !

A review of Ethical Aspects of Corporate Governance Regulation and Guidance in the EU

IBE is holding a launch of it’s latest publication A Review of the Ethical Aspects of Corporate Governance Regulation and Guidance in the EU by Julia Casson, Director of Board Insight Limited.  This IBE Occasional Paper is published in association with the European Confederation of Directors’ Associations (ecoDa).

Institute of Business Ethics
Institute of Business Ethics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The purpose of governance includes encouraging robust decision making and proper risk management, and to account to those that provide capital as well as other stakeholders.  To support business sustainability, explicit attention to the ethical dimensions of these goals might be considered as requisite in any corporate governance guidance and regulation.

This new report suggests, however, a general lack of ethical language in corporate governance provisions at the pan-EU level in spite of an approach which is soft law and principles based and the fact that boards are expected (though not required) to set the values which will guide their company’s operations.

The event will begin with the author reflecting on the report’s findings. This will be followed by a panel discussion around:

Would it be correct to say that ethical drivers have been largely missing from the debate around corporate governance in the last ten years? • Is corporate governance guidance working? • What are boards doing in practice to promote an ethical dynamic in companies?

Panel members include: Julia Casson; Pedro Montoya, Group Chief Compliance Officer, EADS, sponsors of the report; and Paul Moxey, Head of Corporate Governance, ACCA.

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