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Aujourd’hui, je vous propose la lecture d’un article de Paul Willmott, directeur de McKinsey paru dans Insights & Publications. Les administrateurs doivent questionner et comprendre les décisions de l’organisation dans le domaine des technologies de l’information.

L’auteur mentionne neuf questions cruciales qui doivent faire l’objet de préoccupations de tout administrateur. Pour vraiment bien comprendre l’argumentaire derrière chaque question, je vous invite à lire l’article au complet. Vos commentaires sont appréciés.

1. How will IT change the basis of competition in our industry?

2. What will it take to exceed our customers’ expectations in a digital world?

3. Do our business plans reflect the full potential of technology to improve our performance?

4. Is our portfolio of technology investments aligned with opportunities and threats?

5. How will IT improve our operational and strategic agility?

6. Do we have the capabilities required to deliver value from IT?

7. Who is accountable for IT and how do we hold them to account?

8. Are we comfortable with our level of IT risk?

9. Are we making the most of our technology story?

The do-or-die questions boards should ask about technology

Some organizations are creating new technology forums, building the expertise of corporate directors, and strengthening IT governance—all with the aim of allowing boards to guide management by asking the right questions about technology…

"Technology has exceeded our humanity"
« Technology has exceeded our humanity » (Photo credit: Toban B.)

The particulars of each enterprise’s situation will, of course, determine the focus of the discussion and the detailed questions to ask. However, across industries, every corporate director—IT savvy or not—will benefit from reviewing the following questions as a starting point for shaping a fruitful conversation with management about what the company needs to do to become a technology winner.



*Je suis en congé jusqu’à la fin septembre. Durant cette période, j’ai décidé de rééditer les billets considérés comme étant les plus pertinents par les lecteurs de mon blogue (depuis le début des activités le 19 juillet 2011).

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