Un rapport qui fera couler beaucoup d’encre ! Les recommandations du High Pay Commission (UK)

Voici l’introduction au rapport du High Pay Commission (UK).  Je vous encourage fortement à prendre connaissance de l’executive summary : un « must » pour ceux qui cherchent une réponse aux grandes inégalités en matière de rémunération.

« As Britain enters times of unparalleled austerity, one tiny section of society has been insulated from the downturn. That is the top 0.1% of earners, with company directors in particular continuing to enjoy a huge annual uplift in rewards.

The High Pay Commission has spent the past year exploring this growing division between those at the very top and everyone else. Our investigation has led us to conclude that excessive top pay is deeply damaging to the UK as a whole, and action is urgently required to address it ».

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