Les médias sociaux sont-ils trop risqués pour votre organisation ?

English: Infographic on how Social Media are b...
English: Infographic on how Social Media are being used, and how everything is changed by them. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Plusieurs se questionnent sur les risques occasionnés par l’utilisation des médias sociaux dans les entreprises. Voici un court document paru dans Deloitte Debate qui décrit assez bien les pros et cons de cette nouvelle façon de communiquer.

Is Social Media Too Risky for Your Company ?

« An inadvertent social media post containing sensitive information can land a company in hot water with regulators and inflict considerable damage on the business. Given this exposure, is it possible for organizations to govern social media in ways that effectively manage risk?

If an account manager inadvertently includes sensitive firm information in an update to his own profile on a professional or personal social networking site, will regulators find out? If they do, will they really care? The answer to both questions is yes. For all of its potential value, social media exposes regulated companies to increased risk. Some may argue that this increased risk is manageable. Others, however, feel that the potential risks are just too great—the damage that regulatory non-compliance could inflict far outweighs social media’s value to the enterprise ».

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