Peut-on enseigner les valeurs éthiques ?

Voici un article publié dans Slate et partagé par Louise Champoux-Paillé qui devrait constituer une lecture obligatoire pour tous les étudiants en administration mais aussi pour les administrateurs de sociétés. Le sujet de l’apprentissage des valeurs éthique à l’université a fait couler beaucoup d’encre. On sait comment il est difficile d’amener des changements de perspectives, d’attitudes, de comportements chez les adultes. Comment sensibiliser les étudiants en administration aux valeurs éthiques ? Cet article nous donne quelques pistes pour y arriver. À mon avis l’approche pédagogique s’appuyant sur l’utilisation de jeux de rôles me semble la plus prometteuse pour obtenir des changements durables. Qu’en pensez-vous ? 

« The only way we’ll get our students to integrate their moral compasses with the practical tools of business we teach them is to incorporate the topic of ethics throughout the curriculum. This will require the accounting and finance and marketing professors to grasp the ethical blind spots inherent in their respective areas, and to appreciate and recognize approaches to lessening them. Professors, in other words, need to be moral architects themselves.

English: Students in a Harvard Business School...
English: Students in a Harvard Business School classroom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you stop and ask students whether they’d like their dying words to be “I maximized profits,” a wave of laughter ripples through the class, as all but the most callous have higher aspirations for themselves. When we ask MBA students why they might want to be a CEO, the first two responses are “I want to make a difference” and “I enjoy a challenge”; “Making gobs of money” always comes in third. We need to work harder to equip students to live up to those aspirations. And if we’re not going to make a better-faith effort in this endeavor, perhaps we should remove discussion of ethics from business schools altogether. Otherwise, it serves merely as empty PR for MBA programs and to appease the consciences of those who teach in them ».

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