En reprise – Les 25 sites WEB les plus utiles pour les hauts dirigeants selon Forbes

Lisez cet article de Mike Myatt de Forbes même si vous n’êtes pas un CEO et même si vous n’êtes pas un membre de la communauté d’affaires des É.U. ! Vous en aurez pour votre argent… euh, pour votre temps… Excellente liste des sites WEB les plus pertinents pour les administrateurs et les hauts dirigeants. Les suggestions sont regroupées en cinq catégories. Bonne lecture.

website ideas
website ideas (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

The Obvious But Overlooked

Unusual Suspects

News and Commentary

Research and Intelligence

Leadership & Strategy

Top 25 Websites for CEOs – Forbes

« If you want to shorten your shelf life as a CEO, it’s easy to do – be uninformed and disengaged. There’s a big world out there, and CEOs need to get out of their bubble and go see it for themselves. Too many chief executives live in an isolated world of constant travel, public policy and capital markets road shows, board and executive meetings, and management briefings – everything is filtered, packaged and fed to them. THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM.

While many CEOs suffer from email, iPad and Smartphone addiction, the time spent on these devices is largely related to email, scheduling and logistics. The big miss here is far too little time is spent using the web as a digital learning medium. Successful CEOs don’t delegate business intelligence, learning, and listening – they do it themselves ».