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Les T.I. et le conseil d’administration

25 juillet 2013

Richard Leblanc, professeur associé de Law, Governance & Ethics à l’Université York de Toronto nous propose une liste impressionnante (quasi exhaustive) de lectures susceptibles d’intéresser les membres de conseils qui se posent des questions sur les TI et sur le rôle des médias sociaux.

English: Logo for the Addicted to Social Media...

English: Logo for the Addicted to Social Media Blog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cette liste a été préparée en vue de sa participation à la conférence annuelle de National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) du 11 au 13 octobre 2013 qui portera sur le leadership du « Board », notamment lorsqu’il s’agit de mieux appréhender les nouvelles technologies de l’information.

Bien sûr, la liste est longue mais en la parcourant rapidement vous trouverez certainement un lien vers un document qui vous intéressera. Bonne lecture.

NACD Board Leadership Conference

Board’s role in Social Media “listening”

Lead or be left behind: A chairman’s perspective on social media

What Do Corporate Directors and Senior Managers Know about Social Media?

50 Top Tools for Social Media Monitoring, Analytics, and Management

Social Media and the Board: Why #Hashtags Matter to Directors

Seven Steps for Board Success in the Facebook Age

Cameras May Open Up the Board Room to Hackers

Nonprofit Boards and the iPad: a Good Fit?

Social Media and Reputational Risk

Reputation Risk: A Corporate Governance Perspective

Director: Reputations at Risk

Ten Keys to Manage Reputation Risk,%20Issue%202,%20Volume%20V%20–%20Ten%20Keys%20to%20Managing%20Reputation%20Risk.pdf

Virtual world, real risks: When social media becomes a liability

Reputational Risks & The Role Of Social Media

Social Media Said to Present Significant Reputational Risks

Three Steps Towards Managing Reputational Risk

The Board, Social Media and Liabilities

Reputation risk management on the rise

Social media reputation damage high on risk managers’ list of concerns

The Risks of Social Media: Self-Inflicted Reputation Damage

Integrating Social Media into overall strategy/questions the board should be asking management

Why boards need to adopt social media

What Directors Think About Social Media

Boards remain uneasy about social media, says women’s directors group

Directors and IT: What works best?™

Social Media – questions for directors to ask

20 Questions Directors Should Ask about Information Technology Security

SOCIAL MEDIA: What Boards Need to Know

10 Questions You Should Ask Your Social Media Expert, Guru or Wizard

52 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Social Media Company

The Key to Social Media Success Within Organizations

The Board’s Responsibility for Information Technology Governance


Privacy and Boards of Directors:; What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Execs Not Using Social Media At Board Level Strategy

Social Media — The New Business Reality for Board Directors

Too Many Top Executives Aren’t Taking Social Media Seriously

Why 1700 CEOs Are Wrong about Social Media

How Kodak Squandered Every Single Digital Opportunity It Had

Big Data/ Analytics

Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity

Big data

Guide to big data analytics tools, trends and best practices

Experts share perspectives and identify best practices for big data analytics projects in this Essential Guide.

Severe Consequences Face Big Data Analytics Without Governance, Experts Say


New research suggests using big data, particularly social media data, can lead to a biased representation of the data based on societal factors.

Social Media & CRM

Three Out of Four Social Networkers are Logging in on Company Time, Ethics Resource Center Reports

How the Voice of the People Is Driving Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Media in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Tying Together Social Media and Corporate Social Responsibility

Mashable: Corporate Social Responsibility

Why Social Media Is Vital to Corporate Social Responsibility

A Guide To Social Media For CSR Professionals

Telus Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2012

Tying Together Social Media and Corporate Social Responsibility

Trends/Emerging Topics

What Do Corporate Directors and Senior Managers Know about Social Media?

Use of board portals and social media

2012 CEO, social media & leadership survey

Taming Information Technology Risk:

A New Framework for Boards of Directors

IBM CEO Predicts Three Ways Technology Will Transform The Future Of Business

The Next Digital Paradigm

Make Social Media an Organizational Asset – Right Now!


Ten Technology Trends that Will Change the World in the Next Ten Years

Technology, Strategy and Shareholder Engagement Driving Corporate Governance


Cyber Risk Management – A Board Level Responsibility:

10 Steps to Cyber Security – Executive Companion:

Cyber risk, Guidance note

Cyber security: Considerations for the audit committee$FILE/Cybersecurity_considerations_for_the_audit_committee_GA0001.pdf

Cyber Security and the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure

Cost of cyber attacks triples in a year

Cyber threats and security breaches forcing companies to re-evaluate risk management

The Art of Cyber War

U.S. Outgunned in Hacker War

Cybersecurity and Internet Governance

Time to get real over cyber security

Cyber crime is now a booming industry

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) – Security

Good Governance Guide: Issues to consider in the use of tablets for accessing board papers

10 steps for writing a secure BYOD policy

For BYOD Best Practices, Secure Data, Not Devices

Security Think Tank: BYOD – key tenets and best practices

Bring Your Own Devices Best Practices Guide – Dell

Learn BYOD policy best practices from templates

Best practices to make BYOD simple and secure

A guide to selecting technologies and developing policies for BYOD

Dell Outlines The Death Of The PC

Executive Security

Corporate Theft? Build a barrier with access governance

Global Status Report
on the
Governance of Enterprise It (GEIt)—2011

Cobit: An information security survival kit

Social Media & Investor Relations

A Virtual Annual Meeting Approach

Call to move huge annual reports online

Twitter Speaks, Markets Listen and Fears Rise

Dress rehearsal for disaster shows why Twitter has no place on Wall Street

SEC Says Social Media OK for Company Announcements if Investors Are Alerted

New SEC Guidance on Social Media Levels Playing Field for Investors

How to Use Social Media for Regulation FD Compliance

SEC Blesses Social Media Disclosures

The Push and Pull of Social Media for Investor Relations

The Greatest Social Media for Investor Relations Panel Ever*

Social Media’s Place in Investor Relations

Social Media for Investor Relations

Survey finds social media gap between investors, companies

Crisis investor relations in the age of social media

SEC’s social media guidance has devil in details

Social Media Strategy for Investor Relations


Director skills

Recruiting the Digital Director

Wanted: More Directors With Digital Savvy

CIOs Say Corporate Directors Are Clueless About IT

Risk and IT intersection

Observations on Developments in Risk Appetite Frameworks and IT Infrastructure

Management suite:

Digital diaspora in the enterprise: Arrival of the CDO and CCO

CIOs Can Strengthen Your Board of Directors

KPMG brochure:

Risk management in an evolving world

Making the case for social media governance

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