Quelle est la voie pour devenir un PDG (CEO) ?

Voici un article de Satu Ahlman paru sur le site de LinkedIn récemment.

L’auteur aborde les considérations les plus importantes dans l’accession à un poste de CEO.

L’article étant relativement court, je vous en livre les grandes lignes et je vous souhaite bonne lecture.


The journey of becoming a CEO


What is crucial when choosing a CEO from a company’s point of view?

Is it knowledge of the market, of business, of the product… or…having worked your way up throughout the years, and learned everything there is to learn about that business?

Or – could you become a CEO based on your people skills, your leadership skills?

Yes, these are possible scenarios. And that means, based on the scenario, all newly appointed Chief Executives require different types of guidance and support.

Lots of experience from that specific business

No experience from that specific business

We all have to start somewhere don’t we?

With new responsibilities, there come challenges

A question remains: What type of support will the newly appointed CEO require and what can’t be provided in-house?

Executive performance and retention are determined within the first 90 days

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