« Global Board Ready Women » | Online database list of 8 000 women from the European Business Schools

Voici un communiqué, transmis par ecoDa, sur une nouvelle initiative des Grandes Écoles européennes pour promouvoir des femmes à des conseils d’administration. Le Québec, le Canada et les É.U. pourraient certainement s’inspirer de cette démarche.

Viviane Reding held a conference press this morning to launch ‘Global Board Ready Women’ list. According to Viviane Reding, “figures don’t improve by themselves. Europe is facing effective 85% male quota in boardrooms. European Business Schools are chartering the myth that there would not be enough qualified women. The database shows that there is a pool of talents and it is only the beginning. Europe can not afford this waste of talents”. “My proposed directive put emphasis on qualification and merit: no one will gat a job because she is a woman but noone will be denied a job because she is a woman”. As expressed by the representative of European Business schools, “we are building the pipeline to enable generations of women to become senior executive and then to join boardrooms. The database is part of the social contract between governments and private sector”. The database is not limited to women that have been graduated at business schools. Women can submit their application and a task force will look at each application. The objective of the database is almost to promote diversity in terms of nationality.

 Voici le communiqué de presse présentant la liste des « Global Board Ready Women« 

« The European Business Schools Women on Boards Initiative is migrating their ‘Global Board Ready Women’ list of 8 000 women into an online database. The women on this list all fulfil stringent criteria for Corporate Governance as defined by publicly listed companies and are well qualified and ready to go on boards as of today. This ever growing list of « Board Ready Women » – which will now be consultable online for corporations and for executive search companies – makes it clear that there are more than enough eminently qualified women to help lead Europe’s and the world’s corporations into the 21st century and that it is now time to shatter the glass ceiling that keeps these women from ascending to board of directors positions.

Deutsch: Viviane Reding auf dem Europäischen F...
Deutsch: Viviane Reding auf dem Europäischen Forum Alpach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

« We need to use all of our society’s talents to ensure that Europe’s economy takes off. That is why the European Commission has proposed a European law for boosting gender balance in company board rooms, » said Vice-President Viviane Reding, EU Justice Commissioner. « I often hear the argument that there are not enough qualified women to occupy positions in the boardroom. TodayEuropeanBusinessSchools and their colleagues around the world are shattering those myths as well as glass ceilings! The list shows that the qualified women are there – 8 000 of them. Companies should now make use of this untapped pool of talent. »

The « Global Board Ready Women » searchable database list and forum will be administered by the Financial Times Non-Executive Directors’ Club on the global business platform, LinkedIn. All women listed in the Global Board Ready Women (GBRW) searchable database are suitable to be considered for publicly listed company board-level positions and meet a clear set of criteria as developed and defined over the last year and a half by the organization members of the European Business Schools/Women on Board initiative (see below).

Every application to be part of this database is formally assessed and reviewed and only those women who meet the criteria are accepted. Participating BusinessSchools and Professional organizations apply the same criteria for their participating Alumnae and Members.

Notably, all women on the list have at least five years’ experience in one or more of the following roles:

Chair and/or NED of listed/private corporations

CEO, COO, CFO or other C-suite exec/director level in listed/private corporations

Family member and controlling shareholder of boards of large family companies

Director of government agencies

Director of non-profit orgs

Institutional investment community senior professional

Professional firms senior partner serving boards and their committees as clients


Senior academics with relevant experience

Downloadable video message from Vice-President Viviane Reding:


The List of 8 000 Board Ready Women – Where They Come From

Business School Alumnae, Faculty and Board Members

1) London Business School has 330 Alumnae they have identified as Board Ready – 330.

2) Cambridge Judge Business School has identified 160 women from its networks who are either already on boards or board ready according to the criterion provided – 160.

3) EDHEC Business School has 300 Alumnae, Faculty and Board Members they have identified as board Ready – 300.

4) ESMT European School of Management and Technology ‐ Out of 24 women Executive MBA alumni from its three graduated Executive MBA classes, ESMT has identified 6 board ready women – 6.

5) IESE has identified 900 women in top executive positions, 155 of whom are on boards already and 300 of which are board ready currently and the rest will become board ready in the coming years – 455/900.

6) The IFPM Female Board Pool at the University of St.Gallen/Switzerland has identified 526 women who are Board ready (245 from their Female Board Pool Network and 281 women who work at the Board of Directors or Top Management Team level of Swiss companies) – 526.

7) IMD has identified amongst its alumni 348 board-ready women with more than 25 years of experience plus 12 senior Faculty – 360.

8) INSEAD has identified 2000 women – 67 of whom are on boards already 500 of which are currently board ready and the rest will become board ready in the coming years – 670/2000.

9) RSM (Rotterdam School of Management/Erasmus University) has identified 32 board ready women -150.

10) Bocconi Business School, Italy has identified 150 board-ready women amongst their alumnae and faculty – 150.

11) SKEMA Business School, France has identified 467 board-ready women amongst their alumnae and faculty – 467.

12) Academic Council of the University of Mumbai, India has identified 20 board-ready women in India – 20.

Professional Women and Corporate Governance Organizations:

13) IFA (Institut Francais des Administrateurs) has 250 women board-ready or active on boards with readily available biographies – 250.

14) The Financial Times Non-Executive Directors’ Club currently have 105 people undertaking the new Financial Times Non-Executive Director’s Certificate which provides a formally recognized qualification for non-executive directors, 27 of whom are women – 27.

15) TIAW – The International Alliance for Women has 425 board ready women throughout their 36,000 members worldwide – 425.

16) GTWN – The Global Telecom Women’s Network which has contributed more than 60 names to the names and profiles publicly listed – 60.

17) WiTT – Women in Telecoms and Technology has identified more than 70 individual senior executive women publicly supporting this initiative – 70.

18) WoB – Women on Board has identified 90 Senior Executive board-ready women in Belgium alone – 90.

19) The EPWN (European Professional Women’s Network) has identified 349 members across their networks throughout Europe – 349.

20) Bellisario Foundation, Italy has identified 793 board-Ready women amongst their prize-winners from over 20 years – 793.

21) Woman Corporate Directors has identified 1800 board-ready women from their members around the world including 25 different countries – 1800.

22) Deutscher Juristinnenbund e.V. Vereinigung der Juristinnen, Volks- und Betriebswirtinnen has identified 93 board-ready women among their members in Germany – 93.

23) Geneva Group International has identified 20 board-ready women from their members in Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, and Hungary – 20.

24) Forte Foundation as identified 200 board-ready women from their members which are major Corporations and Business Schools around the world – 200.

25) G16+ Administrateurs au feminine has identified 54 board-ready women from HarvardBusinessSchool alumnae in Europe plus France’s top engineering schoos – 54

26) Canadian Women in Communications has identified 100 board-ready women from their membership – 100

27) American Chamber of Commerce in France and Spain has identified 47 women from their memberships – 47

Europe Weighing Boardroom Quotas for Women (sloanreview.mit.edu)

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