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Voici une documentation très récente et pertinente sur la gouvernance des sociétés que vous retrouverez sur le site de Deloitte | US. Je vous encourage à visiter le site du Center for Corporate Governance | US ainsi que le site du Centre de la gouvernance d’entreprise | Canada. Ci-dessous un extrait des principaux défis des conseils d’administration au cours des prochaines années.

Board Governance US – Deloitte


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« Today’s business environment is influenced by a fluctuating economy, greater scrutiny, and increased regulatory requirements, all of which are creating challenges and increased responsibilities for boards of directors. Because their role in governance has been heightened and the demands for accountability and transparency are at an all-time high, directors need current information and perspectives from independent sources to help make the tough decisions.

Select Challenges for Boards of Directors in the Current Environment

  1. Overseeing enterprise risk management
  2. Focusing on executive compensation programs and related regulations
  3. Ensuring corporate strategy will achieve long-term value creation
  4. Addressing heightened levels of shareholder activism
  5. Responding to environmental and business sustainability concerns »

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