L’efficacité de l’audit interne dans le secteur des services financiers | Recommandations de IIA UK

Vous trouverez, ci-dessous, un document de consultation de l’IIA UK, partagé par Denis Lefort, CPA, CA, CIA, CRMA, concernant le rôle de l’audit interne dans le secteur financier. On y retrouvera plusieurs recommandation à l’intention de l’Institut des auditeurs internes certifiés, dont quelques-unes controversées. Je vous invite à lire ce document.

Effective Internal Audit in the Financial Services Sector

The Rewarding Profession of Internal Audit / C...
The Rewarding Profession of Internal Audit / Corporate Management (Photo credit: danielleherner)

« In the course of our consultation, the Committee asked a range of questions around the role, scope and position of internal audit in the organisation’s governance and risk management frameworks. The responses received highlight the range of practice across the industry, with a varying degree of uniformity of practice and aspiration between organisations.

There was a general consensus around the importance of the independence of Internal Audit; both independence from Executive Management authority, from the Risk Management and Compliance functions, and from executive decision making responsibilities. There was also strong support for an unrestricted scope of Internal Audit, and for greater clarity and consistency of Internal Audit’s role in auditing areas such as strategy, culture, risk appetite and key corporate events.

Areas in which there was a greater divergence of response include the role and extent of Internal Audit involvement in challenging strategic decision making; whether there are circumstances in which it would be appropriate for Internal Audit to report to a Board Risk Committee rather than tothe Audit Committee, the nature of Internal Audit’s Executive reporting line and who this line should report into (e.g. CEO / CFO); and the appropriateness of the Chief Internal Auditor having the right to attend Executive Committee meetings. In these areas, the Committee has formed a view based on both the responses received and Committee discussion ».

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