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Alexander Filatov* explique comment la formation en gouvernance offerte en GB a aidé le monde des entreprises russes.

Director training improves governance procedures, boosting Russia’s global trading status


« A couple of days ago at a Kazakh friend’s celebration of his newborn son, I found out that he and his two friends – top managers at Russian companies – had enrolled in an IoD Chartered director training course in Moscow.

A few years ago, when I was CEO of the Russian Independent Directors Association, we imported this programme from the UK – a move supported by the late Neville Bain, the former IoD Chairman, who was a real enthusiast and great supporter of expanding the training and expertise into Russian and Kazakhstan markets.  Since then, hundreds of senior delegates from Russian and Kazakh companies have undertaken such courses.

The training has a very important component that other professional courses do not have, and that is governance, which includes resolving any directorial conflicts of interest and identifying fiduciary duties.

After launching the course into the Russian market, my colleagues and I created the Russian director professional qualification standard. We also started the process of director certification based on OECD corporate governance and IoD Chartered Director principles.

The UK Chartered Director course supports improved professional standards and will help raise the quality of the boardroom work in Russia and Kazakhstan – vital if our economy is to take advantage of the rapidily globalizing market for capital, products and labour.  What’s more, opportunities are now opening up within our economy that could provide a greater foothold for professional, trained, independent directors ».

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* Alexander Filatov is IoD C. Director of Russian Home Mortgage Lending Company and former MICEX Stock Exchange Advisory Board Member.

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