Le développement de la relève plutôt que la planification de la succession !

Voici un très bon article, publié par  Erik Sherman dans National Center for the Middle Market, sur l’une des activités les plus difficiles … et délicates en gouvernance de sociétés et en management : le développement de la relève. Voici quelques extraits. Bonne lecture.

Tomorrow's Leaders Reception
Tomorrow’s Leaders Reception (Photo credit: United Way of the Lower Mainland)

Succession planning may sound like something a large company does, hopefully before the CEO retires. But that view misses its critical strategic need in companies of any size. In fact, when you consider the full ramifications of the concept, succession planning is as important, and maybe even more so, for a middle market company poised for growth. Whether looking for talent needed to take a company forward or even ensuring business continuity during an abrupt change in management, a mid-market business should have a comprehensive succession plan.

Succession Planning: A Secret to Ensuring Growth

Too frequently, people assume that succession is about having replacements for people in management. And that is part of it. There is no guarantee that a key person might not suddenly have an accident, become ill for an extended time, become embroiled in a distracting scandal, or receive an irresistible offer to jump ship. In those terms, it is obvious that succession planning is not only about the CEO. What if your company depends on a brilliant vice president of marketing, operations expert, or other deeply experienced person? Lose him or her and the company could sustain serious damage during a search for an adequate replacement.

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