La taille optimale du C.A. d’une OBNL !

Il y a toujours eu beaucoup de discussions sur le sujet de la taille optimale des Boards d’OBNL. Mais que montrent les études et qu’en disent les experts à ce sujet ? Selon Richard Leblanc, on trouvera la réponse en analysant la mission et les fonctions de l’organisation et en étudiant le leadership du C.A. Voici un article intéressant à consulter si vous songez à modifier la taille de votre conseil.

The optimal size for boards of directors of nonprofits

« A 2011 study by Bain Capital reported in The Nonprofit Times asserts that the optimal board size for effective decision making is seven people. According to Bain, “every person added after that decreases decision-making ability by 10 percent.” So for boards with the median of 17 people, Bain would put their decision-making ability at zero.

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While a smaller board size does reflect new thinking about board functioning, I’ve seen too many boards that work extremely well with 17-22 people to buy into Bain’s assertion. Some boards grow quite large to enable greater engagement of key community leaders or to expand its fundraising capability. United Way is an excellent example of this done very effectively.  »