Les avantages de recruter le PCD (CEO) à l’interne

Voici un article, publié dans Forbes, qui insiste, encore, sur les avantages de recruter le PCD (CEO) à l’interne. L’article présente des statistiques intéressantes et donne des munitions à ceux qui croient que l’on devrait toujours donner préséance aux candidats provenant de l’interne. À lire.

New CEO Study Underlines Merits Of Promoting From Within – Forbes

This news may not come as a shocker but it bears repeating: It pays to hire from within, whether lower- or mid-level employees, or candidates for a company’s top job.

Last month I wrote about a study by a Wharton professor, Matthew Bidwell, who found that external hires get paid more than internal promotes. For their first two years on the job, external hires also get much lower marks in performance reviews, and they are more likely to be laid off than those promoted from within.

Wharton Park - Durham
Wharton Park – Durham (Photo credit: drew | DROWNEDeffect™)

Yesterday, the consulting firm Booz & Co. released its twelfth annual study on CEO succession, and showed some similar findings about chief executives. The Booz study, of the world’s 2,500 largest companies, reports that from 2009 to 2011, companies let go 35% of CEOs hired from outside, compared to 19% of bosses who were promoted from within. Also, CEOs who come up from within, stay on their jobs for a year longer than outsiders, an average of five years, as opposed to four. Companies apparently recognize the advantages of hiring insiders. Four out of five new CEOs rise through the company ranks, says the study.