Conseil d’administration | Démissionner ou rester ?

Voici une vidéo très intéressante de Lucy Marcus interviewé par Axel Threlfall sur les positions que doivent prendre les administrateurs lorsque leur entreprise rencontre de graves difficultés. Comment éviter l’hémoragie qui peut en découler ? Faut-il encourager les départs de certains administrateurs ? Comment, et surtout qui, doit gérer cette crise interne ?  

Les administrateurs sont souvent confrontés à un dilemme : démissionner ou rester et affronter la tempête ! Mais dans certains cas, ils n’ont pas le choix : on leur montre la sortie. La capsule vidéo tente de répondre à ces questions délicates. Vous pouvez aussi visionner les autres capsules In the Boardroom de Lucy Marcus sur

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English: Virginia Beach Convention Center Boardroom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In the Boardroom with Lucy Marcus: Director Contagion


« As you know, I believe that shareholders should have a role to play in the board and in holding the board to account, and indeed I’d like to see them do this more actively. (I like what Catherine Howarth of FairPensions had to say on the topic when I interviewed her for “In the Boardroom with Lucy Marcus” But equally importantly, I think that directors need to hold ourselves and one another to account as well. As we sit around the table we know who is engaged, active, and adding value, and we need to be frank and open about expectations and what happens when we fall short. I wrote a column about it “You’ve got to know when to go” As I noted: There are several mechanisms that can be put into place to make this process easier for boards to deal with, including term limits, clear job descriptions and regular board evaluations; but really, it shouldn’t take that for directors to figure out the right thing to do — and do it. I think the more we talk about it openly, including in forums such as these, the better ». 

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