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La culture de la diversité tarde à se matérialiser dans les C.A.

20 août 2013

Aujourd’hui, j’ai choisi de partager un court article de Martha C. White paru dans NBC News qui présente la situation des « minorités » et des femmes sur les conseils d’administration des grandes entreprises. On verra qu’il y a encore beaucoup de chemin à parcourir afin de bien saisir toute l’importance de la diversité dans la gouvernance des entreprises.

Les recherches empiriques sont pourtant très nombreuses à montrer la sagesse et l’efficacité de se doter d’une culture de la diversité. Bonne lecture.

Achieving diversity takes more than just adding a woman or a minority to the board and calling it a day, though. « Tokenism isn’t the answer, » Peterson said. A sole dissenter might not feel comfortable voicing an opposing view, or they simply might not have enough clout to effect real change by themselves. « We know that tokens in small groups are often paid less attention. When minority group members win 30 or 40 percent of positions in a small group, such as a board, others start paying attention, » Dobbin said. « The good news is that more and more boards now have two women or two African-Americans, and are moving away pure tokenism — one from each group. »

Top boardrooms: No-go areas for women, minorities

Women and minorities make up only a slim fraction of corporate America’s board membership, a status quo that’s remained virtually unchanged over the past eight years. Experts predict this will hurt companies as they expand into overseas markets and as the ethnic makeup of the United States changes.

In its new biennial study of the gender and ethnic makeup of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 company boards, the Alliance for Board Diversity found that white men hold more than two-thirds of board seats in both groups. Women hold 20 percent of Fortune 100 board seats, and minorities, who comprise 37 percent of the country’s population, only hold 16 percent.

Ron Parker, president and CEO of The Executive Leadership Council, one of the organizations that comprises the Alliance for Board Diversity, said companies today understand the importance of diversifying in order to gain global market share but often overlook diversity when it comes to their own governance.

Rene Mansi | E+ | Getty Images

« They’re missing the perspective of the growth engine that’s going to fuel their enterprises, » he said. « Different perspectives bring the opportunities for innovation. »

« Boards that are more diverse generally make better decisions. Typically, groupthink is the enemy of good decision-making, » said Eric C. Peterson, manager of diversity and inclusion at the Society for Human Resource Management.

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