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Les facteurs-clés à prendre en considération par les administrateurs de sociétés en 2013

8 décembre 2012

Voici un court article, publié dans Harvard law School Forum on Corporance Governance, qui présente les principaux thèmes d’intérêt en gouvernance à l’approche de l’année 2013. Ci-dessous un extrait des suggestions.Je vous encourage à lire l’article.

Key Issues for Directors in 2013

English: Risk management sub processes

English: Risk management sub processes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

« For a number of years, as the new year approaches, I have prepared for boards of directors a one-page list of the key issues that are newly emerging or will be especially important in the coming year. Each year, the legal rules and aspirational best practices for corporate governance, as well as the demands of activist shareholders seeking to influence boards of directors, have increased. So too have the demands of the public with respect to health, safety, environmental and other socio-political issues. In The Spotlight on Boards, I have published a list of the roles and responsibilities that boards today are expected to fulfill. Looking forward to 2013, it is clear that in addition to satisfying these expectations, the key issues that boards will need to address include:

1. Working with management to encourage entrepreneurship, appropriate risk taking, and investment to promote the long-term success of the company

2. Working with management and advisors to review the company’s business and strategy …

3. Resisting the escalating demands of corporate governance activists …

4. Organizing the business, and maintaining the collegiality, of the board and its committees

5. Developing an understanding of shareholder perspectives …

6. Developing an understanding of how the company and the board will function in the event of a crisis …

7. Retaining and recruiting directors who meet the requirements for experience, expertise, diversity, independence, leadership ability and character … 

8. Working with management to cope with the proliferation of new regulations …

9. Dealing with populist demands, such as criticism of executive compensation and risk management … » 

One Comment
  1. Chantal Aragon permalink

    Intéressant! Assez prosaïquement, cette liste peut être complétée par:
    – Nombre de mandats d’administrateurs déjà exercés (il faut avoir le temps)
    – Genre (MIF 2 prévoit 1/3 de femmes… => Un espoir de futures administratrices)

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