Top 12 articles de Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance au 1 mars 2018

Voici le compte rendu hebdomadaire du forum de la Harvard Law School sur la gouvernance corporative au 1 mars 2018.

Cette semaine, j’ai retenu les douze principaux billets.

Bonne lecture !



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  1. Public Company Cybersecurity Disclosures
  2. Key Trends in Corporate Incidents
  3. Stockholder Agreements
  4. SEC Enforcement Priorities in the Trump Era
  5. Banks and Labor as Stakeholders: Impact on Economic Performance
  6. The Perils of Small-Minority Controllers
  7. Turning Words into Action
  8. Keeping Shareholders on the Beat: A Call for a Considered Conversation About Mandatory Arbitration
  9. An Overview of U.S. Shareholder Proposal Filings
  10. Looking Beyond Sustainability Disclosure
  11. The Governance of Foundation-Owned Firms
  12. Boardroom Accountability