Top 10 de Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance au 30 mai 2019

Voici le compte rendu hebdomadaire du forum de la Harvard Law School sur la gouvernance corporative au 30 mai 2019.

Comme à l’habitude, j’ai relevé les dix principaux billets.

Bonne lecture !


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  1. UK Shareholder Activism and Battles for Corporate Control
  2. The Corporate Form for Social Good
  3. President Trump’s Executive Order and Shareholder Engagement on Climate Change
  4. Management Duty to Set the Right “Tone at the Top”
  5. Compliance, Compensation and Corporate Wrongdoing
  6. A Fresh Look at Exclusive Forum Provisions
  7. Corporate Law and the Myth of Efficient Market Control
  8. Corporate Purpose: Stakeholders and Long-Term Growth
  9. SEC Roundtable on Short-Termism and Periodic Reporting System
  10. A Quarter Century of Exchange-Traded Fun!