Top 10 de Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance au 25 juillet 2019

Voici le compte rendu hebdomadaire du forum de la Harvard Law School sur la gouvernance corporative au 25 juillet 2019.

Comme à l’habitude, j’ai relevé les dix principaux billets.

Bonne lecture !


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  1. Comment Letter Regarding Earnings Releases and Quarterly Reports
  2. Statement on Short-Term/Long-Term Management & Periodic Reporting System
  3. Individual Director Assessments
  4. CEO Pay Ratio: Leading Indicators of Broader Human Resource Matters?
  5. A Banner Proxy Season for Political Disclosure and Accountability
  6. How Much Do Directors Influence Firm Value?
  7. Under Pressure: Directors in an Era of Shareholder Primacy
  8. The Importance of Climate Risks for Institutional Investors
  9. Proxy Voting Outcomes: By the Numbers
  10. The Future of Shareholder Activism