Top 10 de Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance au 27 septembre 2019

Voici le compte rendu hebdomadaire du forum de la Harvard Law School sur la gouvernance corporative au 27 septembre 2019.

Comme à l’habitude, j’ai relevé les dix principaux billets.

Bonne lecture !

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  1. Stakeholder Governance—Some Legal Points
  2. Are Early Stage Investors Biased Against Women?
  3. The Effects of Shareholder Primacy, Publicness, and “Privateness” on Corporate Cultures
  4. The Fearless Boardroom
  5. Sustainability in Corporate Law
  6. 2019 ISS Global Policy Survey Results
  7. Taking Corporate Social Responsibility Seriously
  8. SEC Testimony: Oversight of the Securities and Exchange Commission: Wall Street’s Cop on the Beat
  9. Analysis of the Business Roundtable Statement
  10. Q2 2019 Gender Diversity Index