Des procès-verbaux très questionnables : Un cas de conscience !

Voici un cas présenté par Julie Garland McLellan dans le cadre de sa chronique Director’s Dilemma publié sur son site. Ce cas porte sur une situation de procès-verbaux problématiques ! Qu’en pensez-vous ?

« Lenny recently joined the board of a government business enterprise. The government has been improving its board member selection processes and, this year, had a specific requirement that each board should have at least one director with a formal governance qualification. Having gained such a qualification Lenny was delighted that he was appointed to a large and politically sensitive board where all the other directors are far older and more experienced than he. He is concerned about the quality of the board minutes. They read like a transcript with verbatim remarks attributed to individuals. Some of the statements concern Ministerial or Departmental staff; they are quite possibly defamatory and of questionable relevance to the business. Lenny has raised the issue with the Chairman but been told that this is how minutes are done ‘in practice’ and that theoretical ideas won’t be trialled in his boardroom. The other board members don’t seem concerned but get restless when, at each meeting, Lenny goes through the minutes and requests numerous changes. The latest set of minutes is even more worrisome; it states that the board noted and reviewed several new policy statements that were not on the agenda and that Lenny has no copy of or recollection of discussing. He called the board secretary who informed him that this will save him and his board colleagues a lot of unnecessary reading and boring discussion of things they can’t do anything about. The secretary believes management have compliance well in hand so there is no need to worry.

What should Lenny do? »

Director’s Dilemma

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