Le retour des comportements non-éthiques et cupides de certains CEO !

Très bon article publié dans CNBC sur le retour des comportements non-éthiques et cupides de plusieurs CEO (PDG) de grandes corporations américaines. On constate que les leçons de la crise de 2008 n’ont pas été comprises par tous les gestionnaires. À l’âge d’Internet, plus aucun CEO n’est à l’abri de la vérification d’informations fausses ou trompeuses, comme en témoigne le congédiement de Thomson, président de Yahoo, à la suite de la falsification de son CV.

« For some experts on corporate governance, the rise in scandal comes as executives mistakenly think the coast is clear after the increased corporate oversight following the credit implosion in 2008. They’ve been wrong, and are paying a huge price ».

CEOs Gone Wild: What’s Wrong With Corporate America?

« Four years after the financial crisis exploded and resulted in a regulatory clampdown, bad behavior is back in corporate boardrooms and C-suites, generating embarrassing headlines and posing the threat of even more rules…

The threshold for materiality that requires disclosure and discussions has simply changed and has become lower, Corsell says. « Corporate executives are surprised by it and undoubtedly uncomfortable with it on some level. » Those not conscious of the new playing field risk the fate of Thompson, McClendon and others caught in questionable practices.

Play ethically and professionally with both your friends and foes, advises Wendy Patrick, a lecturer specializing in business ethics for the management department at San Diego State University. « It is that high level of professionalism that not only sets the tone in your company but also solidifies the relationships we have with our friends and enemies alike. »

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