Les Boards sont-ils prêts à accueillir la génération du « millénaire » ?

Voilà un article très pertinent écrit par Catherine Dunn, dans Law.com, qui aborde l’accueil de la génération du millénaire par les organisations, du point de vue des conseils d’administration.

The Millennials Are Coming, and Boards Need to Get Ready

The Millennials are coming to the corporate workforce, in droves. Is your board of directors prepared?

The members of the generation born roughly between the late 1970s and the early 2000s comprise the fastest-growing segment of the labor market. As such, their increasing presence at the office raises all kinds of policy issues for companies—beyond laments over how to tolerate the quirks of the “ME generation”—that range from topics like talent management and compensation to social media.

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