Comment récompenser les dirigeants pour les résultats obtenus dans le domaine de la RSE ?

Voici un article très pertinent, sur un sujet d’actualité, récemment publié dans et partagé via Richard Leblanc. Les organisations font de plus en plus état des actions entreprises dans le domaine de la RSE et du développement durable et elles mettent en place des mécanismes de suivi qui tient compte de toutes les parties prenantes et qui se matérialisent à plus long terme. Il s’agit d’un domaine de recherche relativement récent, notamment l’étude portant sur les pratiques visant à compenser les résultats de la direction en cette matière.

Beyond the bottom line: how to reward executives for sustainable practice

Vous trouverez, ci-dessous, quelques extraits de résultats de recherche dans ce domaine :

« Are sustainability-dependent executive bonuses the answer to saving the planet ?  Research recently conducted by the Centre for Corporate Governance at the University of Technology, Sydney, examined whether a sample of Australia’s leading corporations are rewarding their executives for achieving sustainability targets as well as financial targets.

The question of how sustainability might be linked to executive remuneration was part of a broader study of how companies are integrating sustainability objectives into their core business strategies.

Most large companies in Australia have developed sustainability strategies over recent years, but in a rather piecemeal fashion in response to specific external demands – reducing greenhouse gases, implementing family-friendly policies and so forth.  They are now looking to find ways of measuring, monitoring and integrating these programs into their overall business planning.

The research report, entitled Steering Sustainability, was commissioned by think tank Catalyst Australia as part of its Full Disclosure campaign.  The campaign’s objective was to explore the growing influence of corporations in society and assist communities in articulating what standards and behaviour they expect of companies.

Once strategies are decided upon, lines of responsibility and accountability must be clearly defined such that progress is monitored, measured and fed back into strategy development and reward schemes.  Rewarding executives for sustainability performance could be the answer to ensuring companies do what they promise. As the old saying goes, companies need to “put their money where their mouth is” – in more ways than one ».

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