Les C.A. doivent croire en la valeur ajoutée de la DIVERSITÉ !

Le point de vue de , fondatrice du Canadian Board Diversity Council, dans le Financial Post, sur les effets positifs de la diversité. Il y a encore beaucoup de chemin à faire pour que le message passe clairement aux Boards des grandes sociétés cotées en bourse… mais plusieurs commencent à comprendre que la diversité est une importante valeur ajoutée dans l’efficacité des Boards.

Changing the face of boards

Why in 2012, is the federal government trying to nudge corporate Canada into changing the makeup of its boardrooms to include more women?

The answer is simple: Inclusivity is good for business. Yet, while Canada enjoys an incredibly diverse, multicultural talent pool of men and women, nominating committees continue to seek out the usual candidates: Caucasian men. But the cost to opportunity of maintaining the status quo instead of seeking out the best and brightest in a much larger talent pool is too great. Recognizing this, the federal government’s Economic Action Plan 2012 created an advisory council of leaders from the private and public sectors to promote the participation of women on corporate boards.

Research shows that everybody wins when there are more perspectives around the table. The government understands this. Business has been slow to come…

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