Le rapport de booz&co sur le processus de « succession » dans les organisations

Il y a peu d’études portant sur le processus de relève dans les organisations. L’étude de booz&co nous donne beaucoup d’informations vitales sur ce processus.

CEO Succession Report – booz&co

« Top pieces of advice for CEOs going into their first year— from CEOs who have been there

1. Deal with the obvious executive team changes as early as possible

2. Be wary of changing strategy too quickly, even if you think the current strategy is wrong

3. Make sure you understand how every part of the company operates and how it is performing

4. Build trust through transparency

5. Be selective in listening to advice

6. Find a sparring partner with whom you can discuss plans openly

7. Manage your time and your personal life with care

Voici quelques données de l’étude :

• CEO turnover rate was highest among the top 250 companies by market capitalization – just over 14 percent on average per year over the last 12 years, and nearly 2 percent higher than companies ranked 251–2,500 by market capitalization from 2000 to 2011.
• M&A-related turnover is traditionally higher among smaller companies; 2.2 percent of turnover among the bottom 2,000 companies stems from consolidation, compared to 1.3 percent at the top 100 companies. Turnover was highest in sectors that faced disruptive market forces
• Turnover rates in the energy, telecom, and utilities sectors were 19, 18, and 16 percent, respectively.
• In the diversified industry, leadership changes took place at a rate of only 6 percent.

Voir le rapport au complet pour de plus amples informations :

CEO Succession Report – booz&co