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Un argumentaire en faveur du choix d’administrateurs externes au C.A.*

21 septembre 2013

Le court article ci-dessous, publié par , blogueur en gouvernance, présente un argumentaire assez convaincant sur l’avantage d’avoir des administrateurs externes sur les conseils. Une lecture intéressante.

Qu’en pensez-vous ? Comme PCA ? Comme PCD ? Comme administrateurs de sociétés (ASC) ?

6 Reasons Why Every Board Needs ‘Fresh Eyes’

Fresh Eyes

« There is the board principle I’ve always subscribed to: “eyes in, fingers out.” This means the board function is not to run the company, but to pick the management and set policy.

If the board is micro-managing the company, there is definitely a problem and either you need new management or outside directors with fresh eyes to help the company get back on track. The board’s job is to govern and management’s job is to manage. Here are the right ways outside directors can use their fresh eyes to a board’s advantage.

6 Reasons ‘Fresh Eyes’ Can Help Your Company

    1. They have different perspective on issues…
    2. They have experiences and views from other industries that may have already experienced and solved the problems or issues being discussed…
    3. They have a new network of resources for the board to consult…
    4. They will ask new and different questions to stimulate the board’s decision-making process…
    5. You need to bring in someone who is not a specialist, but someone who has been involved in all areas of running a business…
    6. They can bring a new understanding of a subject that the board does not have…

Outside directors bring incredible value with their “fresh eyes.” I believe boards that have not brought somebody new to the organization in the last one to two years run the risk of stalling the growth of the company ».


*Je suis en congé jusqu’à la fin septembre. Durant cette période, j’ai décidé de rééditer les billets considérés comme étant les plus pertinents par les lecteurs de mon blogue (depuis le début des activités le 19 juillet 2011).

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