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Le comité de gouvernance du C.A. | Élément clé d’une solide stratégie

17 novembre 2013

Voici un article du Huffington Post qui présente les principales fonctions d’un comité de gouvernance. Bonne lecture !

The Governance Committee: A Key Element of a Successful Strategy


Ben Bernanke (lower-right), Chairman of the Fe...

I am not a fan of having numerous standing board committees for arts organizations.  I appreciate the need for a finance committee, a separate audit committee (the same people who approve the budget at the beginning of the year should not be responsible for auditing financial performance at year end), an executive committee (that can operate when the entire board is in recess), etc.  But I prefer board members to spend time in the community, building support for the organization, rather than to sit in endless committee meetings.

But there is one committee that is crucial, and that is carelessly assembled all too often: the governance committee (sometimes called the nominating committee).

The governance committee has four central roles:

  1. Determining what the composition of the board should be in the coming years
  2. Evaluating the current board members to determine who is and who is not fulfilling their obligations to the organization
  3. Creating and implementing a strategy for acquiring the board members needed to ensure that all of the requirements outlined by the ‘ideal board’ are met
  4. Developing and implementing a succession plan for board leadership

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