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Quelques idées à explorer en 2014 pour accroître la performance du C.A. d’une OBNL

2 janvier 2014

En ce début d’année 2014, voici un court billet de Tom Okarma, président fondateur de Vantage Point | For NonProfit, exposant certaines idées pour accroître l’efficacité de C.A. d’OBNL.

Ci-dessous, un extrait de son billet ainsi que quelques liens utiles pour améliorer la performance des « Boards ». Bonne lecture !

No More Nonprofit Board Problems in 2014 !

Here are a few ideas to help ministry and nonprofit leaders work more closely (and pleasurably) with their boards. Who knows, maybe everyone will actually start enjoying board meetings!


Nonprofit_Expo_01 (Photo credit: shawncalhoun)

Reconnect regularly with each director, one-to-one if possible, to tap into their wisdom, learn their perspective, and gain valuable confidential input

Invest to improve on your strengths through seminars, workshops, or conferences…like CLA 2014 

Identify existing nonprofit board best practices and install the top two that you feel add the most value to your organization

When meeting with key external stakeholders, ask how they think the organization is performing

Be more available to your staff, volunteers, and key community partners

Become a director on another nonprofit or ministry board and gain valuable perspective of just what that is like

Review your calendar monthly and the organization’s budget to determine if you are allocating time and treasure in line with the year’s goals

Conduct periodic board update (they hate “training”) sessions

For a few other easy and effective ideas on how to improve board relations and effectiveness in 2014, read  :

(du site de Vantage Point | For NonProfit)

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Maximize Your Board’s Performance in 2014

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  1. Thanks for including our column Four Tips for Fundraising Success in your resource list. Here’s to the best 2014 can bring! – Mel and Pearl

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