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Politiques de gouvernance des sociétés canadiennes | Mise à jour 2014 de ISS

21 décembre 2013

À chaque année, la firme Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) revoit son processus d’établissement des recommandations qui guide les actionnaires dans leurs votes aux assemblées annuelles.

On entend souvent parler des politiques de ISS concernant la gouvernance des sociétés mais on ne saisit pas toujours la méthodologie derrière les recommandations aux actionnaires.

Le document ci-dessous présente les mises à jour des recommandations qui s’adressent aux entreprises canadiennes cotées en bourse. Je crois que c’est un document de référence majeur pour les actionnaires qui doivent se doter d’un conseil d’administration exemplaire et de règles de gouvernance en relation avec les intérêts des actionnaires. Bonne lecture !

Canadian Corporate Governance Policy | 2014 Updates of ISS

Ci-dessous, vous trouverez le sommaire du processus de formulation des politiques de ISS, suivi des éléments constituant la table des matières.

Each year, ISS’ Global Policy Board conducts a robust, inclusive, and transparent global policy formulation process that produces the benchmark proxy voting guidelines that will be used during the upcoming year.

Toronto Stock Exchange

The policy review and update process begins with an internal review of emerging issues and notable trends across global markets. Based on data gathered throughout the year (particularly from client and issuer feedback), ISS forms policy committees by governance topics and markets. As part of this process, the policy team examines academic literature, other empirical research, and relevant commentary. ISS also conducts surveys, convenes roundtable discussions, and posts draft policies for review and comment. Based on this broad input, ISS’ Global Policy Board reviews and approves final drafts and policy updates for the following proxy year. Annual updated policies are announced in November and apply to meetings held on and after February 1 of the following year.

Also, as part of the process, ISS collaborates with clients with customized approaches to proxy voting. ISS helps these clients develop and implement policies based on their organizations’ specific mandates and requirements. In addition to the ISS regional benchmark (standard research) policies, ISS’ research analysts apply more than 400 specific policies, including specialty policies for Socially Responsible Investors, Taft-Hartley funds and managers, and Public Employee Pension Funds, as well as hundreds of fully customized policies that reflect clients’ unique corporate governance philosophies. The vote recommendations issued under these policies often differ from those issued under the ISS benchmark policies. ISS estimates that the majority of shares that are voted by ISS’ clients fall under ISS’ custom or specialty recommendations.

This document presents the changes being made to ISS’ Benchmark Canadian Corporate Governance Policies. The full text of the updates, detailed results from the Policy Survey, and comments received during the open comment period, are all available on ISS’ Web site under the Policy Gateway.

Table des matières du document de mise à jour


Voting on Director Nominees in Uncontested Elections

Definition of Independence – TSX and TSXV

2014 ISS Canadian Definition of Independence

Persistent Problematic Audit Related Practices – TSX

Voting on Directors for Egregious Actions – TSX and TSXV

Board Responsiveness – TSX and TSXV

Director Attendance & Overboarding – TSX


Advance Notice Requirement for Director Nominations – TSX and TSXV

Enhanced Shareholder Meeting Quorum for Contested Director Election – TSX and TSXV


Executive Pay Evaluation: Advisory Votes on Executive Compensation – Management Proposals – TSX

Pay for Performance Evaluation

Board Communications and Responsiveness

Equity Compensation Plans – TSX

Non-Employee Director Participation/Director Limit

Repricing Proposals – TSX and TSXV

ISS Releases Survey for 2014 Policy Updates (

Institutional Shareholder Services Unveils 2014 Proxy Voting Policies (

Conflicts of Interest and Competition in the Proxy Advisory Industry (

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