Le dilemme d’un PDG | Un cas à résoudre

Voici un cas qui intéressera certainement tous les administrateurs qui siègent sur des CA d’entreprises familiales.

Comment un nouveau PDG (PCD), fils du propriétaire-fondateur, doit-il s’y prendre pour convaincre un CA formé d’administrateurs nommés par le père, lui-même maintenant président du conseil, du bien-fondé d’une décision audacieuse qui engage l’avenir de la société ?

Prenez connaissance du cas ci-dessous et consultez les avis émis par les trois experts en gouvernance retenus.

Bonne lecture !

Le dilemme d’un PDG |  Un cas à résoudre

Nils is the managing director of his family business, a position he was promoted into when his father, the company founder, became chairman of the board. He was previously the marketing director. The company manufactures a wide range of food products from its base south west of Sydney. These are mostly sold under home brand packaging to large retail chains and a distribution company.IMG_00001521

The other directors on the board are all longstanding advisors to his father and, as his father says, have kept the company from making many potentially costly mistakes, by providing prudent advice over the years.

Nils has conducted research and identified what he thinks is a great opportunity for the company to manufacture a branded product which it would initially sell through specialty stores and chemists to establish the brand before offering to the major supermarket chains. He is confident that the project can be funded from cash-flow and will not cannibalise the existing business. The bank has offered to increase the company’s line of credit to allow for working capital increases and possible cash flow timing issues.

Nils developed a proposal for the board and eagerly presented this under the title ‘new opportunity’ at the recent strategy retreat attended by the board and management. The board were horrified. They could only see risk in entering new distribution chains, possibly competing with their current customers, and investing in developing a branded product. Nils sees those risks and believes he has a strategy to counter them.

How can Nils encourage his board to be more innovative?

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