Facteurs qui conditionnent les relations entre un C.A. et sa direction, notamment son PCD

Vous trouverez, ci-dessous, un extrait d’un excellent article paru sur le site de Russell Reynolds Associates (www.russellreynolds.com), une firme spécialisée dans la recherche de cadres supérieurs à l’échelle internationale.

On a souvent abordé l’importance de la recherche de nouveaux administrateurs dans ces pages, mais ici nous attirons votre attention sur les facteurs qui conditionnent les relations entre le conseil et le PCD.

Les auteurs ont identifié 25 éléments essentiels sur lesquels se fondent une solide relation entre le CA et la haute direction. Ces facteurs ont été regroupés en quatre catégories de responsabilités :

1. Les responsabilités relationnelles du président du conseil d’administration (PCA);

2. Les responsabilités relationnelles du président et chef de la direction (PCD);

3. Les responsabilités relationnelles des administrateurs;

4. Les responsabilités relationnelles partagées.

Bonne lecture !

Essential Elements of an Effective CEO-Board Relationship

Essential Elements of an Effective CEO-Board Relationship builds on the ongoing work of our global CEO and Board Services practice in assessing critical board composition, governance and performance issues. This discussion is meant to help boards led by non-executive chairmen understand the defining activities and attributes of the best CEO-board relationships— relationships that consistently contribute to organizational performance and superior results.

Our goal is twofold: To provide boards and CEOs with a clear understanding of the essential elements of an effective CEO-board relationship and to enable boards and CEOs to both assess and improve their current performance in delivering against each of these relationship attributes. We have identified 25 essential elements of an effective CEO-board relationship, each with an actionable defining standard. We hope these prove useful in assessing the health and quality of the relationship dynamics in your firm.



We developed the framework for Essential Elements of an Effective CEO-Board Relationship with the input of sitting CEOs, chairmen and directors from a range of industry sectors and regions to provide guidance and structure for boards as they assess the clarity of their roles and the effectiveness of their relationships across the board as a whole. The 25 essential activities and attributes identified here can serve as a diagnostic to help those involved in the process rate the importance of each role’s responsibilities, as well as determine how effective individuals currently in these roles are delivering against those responsibilities.

Our Global CEO and Board Services practice has an ongoing commitment to investigate critical corporate governance and board performance issues and to share our findings—with the aim of promoting discussion and adoption of best practices in board oversight.

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