Les administrateurs doivent-ils communiquer avec les investisseurs ?

Voici une question fondamentale à laquelle tout administrateur sera probablement confronté durant son mandat. Comme c’est un sujet assez controversé, il est très important de soulever cette question dans le cadre de ses fonctions au sein d’un C.A. Les membres de conseils d’administration doivent savoir quelle est la politique à cet égard. L’article du Financial Times donne un apeçu des avis d’experts à ce sujet. Vous devez vous inscrire pour consulter cet article; c’est gratuit et je vous encourage à vous inscrire .
Investors and their directors need to talk – FT.com

Financial Times
Financial Times (Photo credit: Christine ™)

« So why don’t boards engage more directly with the shareholders who elect them into office?

… One director of a large blue chip multinational told me: “I put myself in the camp [that believes] that management should do all the speaking.” Another said: “There is a great deal of uneasiness about directors establishing relationships directly with investors and a perception that they could inadvertently get in management’s way.” Their main worry was that shareholders might discern differences between themselves and the company’s management. Other directors, meanwhile, were anxious of falling foul of rules such as the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s Regulation Fair Disclosure which bans the selective release of information. One lead director of a large US company told me the “danger is higher than ever; one could blunder quite easily in saying something the company has not disclosed”.