Values-based Governance Versus Rules-Based Governance

Voici un article publié dans NACD qui présente le débat entre une gouvernance basée sur des valeurs et une gouvernance basée sur des règles. Fascinant !

Ci-dessous un extrait de cet article :

Whatever Happened to Values-Based Corporate Governance?

« The emphasis on compliance and regulation de-emphasizes the basic building block of good business and good relationships: trust.

Simply put, values-based corporate governance has been referred to as the “institutionalization of ethics” into the conduct of the board and management. The belief is that the overwhelming majority of people behave in ethical ways, prefer the moral high ground and understand the short- and long-term benefits of doing the right thing by customers, suppliers, employees, communities and shareholders. The rules are still there, of course, but they are broadly written, serving to show where mismanagement, malfeasance and criminal behavior are present and also indicating the extent of negative consequences for behaving badly.Diagram picturing governance as a system

Rules-based corporate governance starts with an entirely different assumption. It assumes temptation and the desire for personal gain is rife in corporate life; therefore monitoring, reporting, strict guidelines and detailed restrictions on behavior are the avenue to achieving ethical and right behavior from management and boards. Clearly the cycles of dishonest, improper and criminal behavior in some companies over the past decade followed by increased legislation and regulation have squarely placed directors in a rules-based environment. Yet rules alone are not enough. They cannot easily adapt or allow for nuance and so, because of this, a rules-based system of governance alone is incapable of addressing the complexity and mutability of the global economy ».