Avantages à la dissociation des rôles de Président du Conseil (PCA) et de Président et chef de la direction (PCD)

Voici un excellent article paru dans 24/7 WALL St qui montre clairement le besoin de séparer les fonctions de PCA et de PCD. Les études montrent que la rémunération globale des deux postes séparés est significativement moindre que la rémunération d’un PCA/PCD.

Breaking Up Chairman and CEO Roles

New York Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

« CEOs do not like it. More and more often, it seems, the roles of  chairman and CEO become separate from one another. And the arrangement  usually is forced on the chief executive. A major problem at a big corporation  is often the catalyst of these actions. That certainly happened at many of the  nation’s banks after the financial crisis. Troubled Chesapeake Energy (NYSE:  CHK) ripped the chairman’s role from CEO Aubrey Mc Clendon when  it became clear that he took advantage of his position to financially enrich  himself… It turns out that there may be reasons other than good corporate governance  practices to separate the two jobs. A new  study by GMI Ratings, a corporate governance research firm, claims that  the decision to separate the roles also saves a public company, and thus, its  shareholders, money. In a new piece of research GMI found :

The cost of employing a combined CEO/chair is 151 percent of what it  costs to employ a separate CEO and chairman.

Specifically, the data show :

– Executives with a combined CEO and chair role earn a median total summary  compensation of just over $16 million.

– CEOs who do not serve as chair earn $9.8 million in median total summary  compensation.

– A separate CEO and chairman earn a combined $11 million ».