Il y a un problème lorsqu’un haut dirigeant est irremplaçable !

Très bon article publié dans le New York Times hier qui montre l’importance cruciale pour un Board de se préoccuper du processus de planification de la relève du PDG. L’article décrit la saga de la mise à pied de Robert Diamond Jr en tant que CEO de la Barclays

Barclay! (Photo credit: J Dueck)

« Was Robert E. Diamond Jr. really irreplaceable? The Barclays board operated for 15 years on the assumption that he was. As a result, the British bank’s chief executive became more powerful — and ever harder to replace. Now that he has been kicked out in the wake of the scandal over the rigging of a key interest rate, Barclays is struggling to find new leadership.

And the moral of the story? Boards must always counterbalance strong chief executives with strong chairmen and have good succession plans in place. Most importantly, they should never treat anybody as indispensable — in case that is what they become ».