Le processus de destitution des administrateurs | The Process of Removing Directors

Voici un article très explicite publié sur le blogue de Richard Leblanc, concernant le statut des membres de conseils d’administration. Le point de vue avancé par Richard est que les actionnaires devraient avoir une voix plus prédominante sur le choix des administrateurs qui doivent rester sur le conseil.

Le processus de destitution des administrateurs | The Process of Removing Directors


« It’s very rare for a director to be removed from a board. Only 2% of directors who step down are dismissed or not reelected, according to Stanford researchers. Most directors get re-elected and continue serving. Some directors serve on boards for up to 25 years. About a year ago, I counted 30 directors who served on Canada’s five bank boards for more than nine years. Nine years is the upper limit for independence now in the U.K.


A board does not have the power to remove another director, even if that director is performing poorly. If the director digs in and refuses to step down, that director must be replaced at the annual meeting. It is rare for shareholders to remove a director at the meeting if he or she is re-nominated. Only 93 directors failed to win majority support, out of a total universe of some 50,000, as of recent figures ».